Digital Reporting & Analytics

So you have invested in your website creation, added some great content and shared it on social media channels. You have engaged in pay per click advertisement and optimized your website for the search engines. But do you know which actions are working or not working for you? How can you tell what brings you the best return on investment? That’s were Fotex’s reporting and analytics service comes along. We measure and analyze your website performance and have comprehensive reports available 24/7 for your review.

Our web analytics will point is exactly where your website traffic is originating from. You will know how your visitors are using your website. You will have the most valuable information on what you can do to improve your website’s performance. This information lets you determine the exact return on investment for each and every campaign you launch online including cost-per-sale and profit-per-click. Those reports will tell you the exact conversion rates for different search engines, keywords and ad messages.

You’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your web improvements and then adjust your search engine marketing to lower costs and increase revenues.

We focus on results. Improved usability directly affect your sales and other business metrics. Website design is always getting better and they your website users won’t try to struggle and figure out how to use the website they will just visit a different one instead. Fotex improves your website social media and email usability. We have the cutting-edge information and techniques to achieve the best results for your business.

Website Visitor Measurement

Do you know how long your stay on your website? We give you exact plan on how to increase your website visits which will lead to more sales to contact opportunities. What pages of your website are performing better? Our report tell you where your website visitors enter and exit your site. What is making your customers buy or stops them from purchasing? Fotex will remove the obstacles and make necessary changes to produce better results in increased sales.

What is the stores all of your website traffic? Will enhance the web copy, the design and the layout to suit your website visitors profile best. Which search engines, referral sites and pay-per-click campaigns do visitors use? Our reports reveal what campaigns bring you the best results so you can get the best return on your marketing investment.

Ethical Web Marketing Work

Our team is dedicated to consistently providing top-notch online marketing and web development services. We take pride in making sure our work is following the best practices in our industry. We follow and support the Digital Analytics Association code of ethics. We will only employee strategy is techniques and tactics that will benefit our clients, as their partners, customers and the web community.

We would be delighted to help you out with our expertise. To get in contact with us, please, call us directly at (858) 228-7697, email us at or fill out the form below.