Custom Web Development

The most appealing and amazing websites are built here. Fotex creates custom websites to suit the needs of your company in a better way. Our custom designs are known for attracting more visitors and being simple and intuitive to use.

We are a team of web designers and developers that build simply the best websites and applications. Fotex builds responsive top ranking websites that increase traffic and decrease bounce rates.

Website Redesign

Already Have A Website? Fotex will help you redesign and maintain your website. The Internet is constantly changing. Stay on top of the game and breathe new life into your business making your website better, faster and more appealing to the new online community.

Experts from Fotex keep up with the trends. We know how to detect, prevent and fix the latest security issues. Website redesign done by Fotex will help improve your load speeds, search engine rankings and your online sales.

Why is it a good idea to redesign your website?

It is important to keep your website looking up to date. Your customers will always compare your website to the ones of your competitors. Websites redesigned by Fotex will look sleeker more attractive with emphasized brand identity. Website redesign will help you attract more visitors, bring in more traffic, enhance relationships with your customers and generate more revenue.

Brick and mortar stores know to rearrange their store layout because they know that customers often get used to the same old look and feel and tend to lose interest. Website redesign done by Fotex will prevent the loss off traffic and departure of your customers to other websites.

Website redesigned by Fotex loads faster, has a responsive compatible layout, is up to date with the most current Internet standards, is compatible with the latest search engine standards and Google algorithms, integrated with the social media, processes up to date website security provisions and fully integrated e-commerce. Fotex builds web platforms that provide the best possible online experience for you and your customers.

Website Maintenance

Your visitors notice immediately if your website is well-maintained or not. I well-maintained website will keep traffic flowing through but the website that hasn’t been updated in a while is not a benefit to your business. As your business changes your website needs to change with it. You will need to add new pages, products and functions. Fotex will help you develop those new tools and constantly maintain your website to give your users the best possible experience.

There are a few aspects of your website set up that have to be constantly updated. Your website has to be revised all the time to match ever-changing search engine parameters. Social media channels have to be used to promote your brand and bring the traffic back to your website. It’s important to keep your visitors updated with blogs, event calendars, company news, webinars and new profiles. Fotex helps you make sure your website is exploiting the newest software that is up to date with the current Internet security requirements. We help you analyze your website performance making sure you’re getting the best possible return on investment.

Fotex will do the work for you. We know how to implement the latest updated software, service packs and platforms to keep your website up to date and relevant on the top of any search page.