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Flyers are really good for announcing an upcoming events, but when it comes to a long-term marketing calendars are the best. Why? Because Flyers are read and thrown away, but calendars stay for a year. Everyone needs a nice looking magnetic calendar attached to the fridge or even a better looking calendar hanging on the […]

Ready to make a statement on the web? You need digital marketing solutions these days to survive as a business. Fotex brings a full array of solutions to help you grow your business and online presence. We love business and we love marketing. Our clients love our solutions and we help them make more sales […]

Bleeds and Safety Margins

What are bleeds in printing? Bleed is the print industry term that defines any color or image that is printed to the edge of the paper with no margins. Why do I need bleeds added to my file? Most digital presses will leave narrow unprinted area at the edge of the page. Moreover, all printers […]

Spot Gold Sleeking

Why Use Spot Gold? Applying spot gold sleeking to business marketing materials make them stand out. People will pick your postcard up just to admire beautiful spot gold details and they will continue reading through the message. The most important goal of any marketing piece is to make an impression. The worst thing that can happen […]

Evolution of Business Cards

Do I Need a Business Card? Is it necessary to have a business card? Everything is online now, do I really need a piece of paper to hand to people who won’t even bother to keep it? This is what many people think when they are starting up their business or professional career. While it sounds […]