Real Estate Rider Signs in San Diego

It doesn’t take much to notice how many real estate yard signs are posted around the neighborhood. And there’s a reason for it – they work! Tried and proven, realtor yard signs are both effective and necessary. They attract our attention immediately, and even without reading the details, we know that the property is for sale, or rent, or lease. Be sure to check the local laws for advertising regulations.

Are realtor yard signs still effective?

Even with the rise of the Internet, and with so much online real estate marketing, custom real estate yard signs still do the job – they are simply essential. They grab attention, they deliver important information, and most importantly they provide contact info. Old-fashioned as they may seem, real estate yard signs are still one of the most cost effective marketing tools. In fact, business surveys clearly demonstrate that retail signage, depending on the graphics and messaging, bring the attention that’s required.

Does color make a sign impactful?

To get a real impact from a sign, there are a number of design principles to keep in mind – one of which is color. Color conveys a brand, and with real estate yard signs that brand consistency contributes to consumer recognition. Industry studies actually show that colors contribute considerably to logo/trademark recognition. Interestingly, there are also psychological factors associated with color.

How important is sign readability?

The right print size and typestyle will make a huge difference in readability. Of course, the contact info is the most important, especially if an interested customer is driving by and trying to pay attention. In some cases, it can be effective to do “reverse” lettering, where an important phone number is highlighted in white on a dark background. Adding a line border around a section of text has also proven to increase readability. Most important is to keep all of the messaging simple.

Does the size of a sign matter?

As the well-known saying goes – size matters! When it comes to real estate yard signs, however, there are some limits. For the most part, the industry has decided on certain sign parameters – tried and proven sizes that everyone usually adheres to. While each sign is different, the sizing, lettering, and presentation seem to be standard. And that’s because it works! The last thing you want to do is get too clever and make a sign hard to read. A real estate yard sign is a giant calling card, so it is wise to make it effective.

Most Popular & Best Real Estate Yard Sign Uses

  • Home For Sale Signs
  • For Lease Signs
  • Grand Opening Real Estate Signs
  • Custom, eye catching signs
  • Real Estate Agent signs
  • Open house signs

Standard real estate sign size

The standard size is 18 x 12 or 18 x 24, depending on the size you want. With more verbiage or to get a bigger message across we recommend 18 x 24 since it’ll be more visible from further away and is only slightly more in cost.

Hanging Signs

We have hanging signs available as well, which can be more eye-popping than standard signs which are just stuck into the ground. Hanging signs give a unique look and prevent ad blindness that many people have developed due to overexposure. Because fewer people hang their messages it can often be refreshing and a guaranteed way to get more eyeballs on your message.

Custom for sale by owner signs

Wondering where to buy for sale by owner signs? Fotex Print has got you covered! Custom for sale by owner signs are important so they don’t look like all of the others out there, to which people can get tired of and ignore. A fresh, personalized look can help make your property stand out by adding personality and making it more attractive.

Custom for rent signs | Best Rental Signage

Similarly to custom for sale signs, it is also important for rent signs to take a unique approach, particularly if you are in a hipper neighborhood, or luxury apartment. Personalization and uniqueness goes a long way in these neighborhoods and situations, and adding a customized touch to an otherwise bland “for sale” sign, can truly make a difference in the number of leads. This can decrease the time it takes to find a rentee, saving you a lot of time and money for a small upfront cost.

Real estate yard signs are truly the “original” marketing tool. And with a personalized approach, you can produce signage that will attract client attention and generate inquiries. With online ordering, there are countless options to suit every possible need – from sale signs, to lease signs, to open house signs. Whether you’re an independent real estate agent, or directly affiliated with a brokerage, you can benefit greatly from the online option. More than that, you can choose from a huge selection, everything from the traditional yard signs to sandwich boards.

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