Custom Giant Checks in San Diego

Giant Checks – Best Uses

Gestures can be expressed in one of two ways: small and light-hearted or showy and spectacular. Trust us when we say that nothing says spectacularly like a good old giant check. Sometimes, a big check can represent something showy and exciting (winning some cash on a game show) or a staple that something somebody has done is meaningful (think donating a large sum of money to charity). They’re no doubt some of the more unique things people give out. Regardless, they are given out daily and have become a major part of our ceremonial culture.

Giant Checks Common Sizes

If you’re out trying to find yourself a nice big check then one of the most important things you’ll need to have is a sense of size. Turns out big checks are quite multivariable in regards to how big or small they can be. Thickness, weight, what event they’re meant for, and material are also factors that come into play.

Typical Common Sizes are 36”x18″, 48”x18″, 60”x30″ or 72”x30″

The most popular size of all is typically the 24 x 48 inches, big enough to still be showy (it’s 2 feet by 4 feet, which is still sizable) but small enough to be cost-effective. Speaking of which, the most inexpensive sizes tend to be the 18 x 36 inches checks. These are most commonly used for small ceremonies or child charities. They are big enough for a child to hold without much difficulty.

But if you’re looking for big and showy then the 30 x 60 inch and the 30 x 72-inch checks are able to carry a whole lot of digits so if you’re ordering for the next lottery winner this may be for you. Smaller checks tend to be made of lightweight materials, often not being solid while larger checks tend to be made from foam and have a considerable thickness. If it’s being held by multiple people, a flimsy check will still look good for the camera. If not, you’ll want to get the ones made of more stable material.

When to Use Them

The big check is meant to symbolize the significance of a transaction, so it’s probably not hard to imagine what types of events they would be presented at.

Donations and Charities

The biggest and most obvious scenarios are big donations. Regardless of the motivation behind it, big checks are a good way of motivating people to donate. You give a big check, maybe get a photograph taken of you, and the world recognizes your efforts. It’s also a good way of thanking somebody for their contribution. It offers recognition for your efforts which is why they’re so prominently used at charity events.

Big Wins Like Lottery Prizes

Also mentioned previously, they can signify that you have won something big, which is why they’re often used for lotteries. Using big checks does two things: one, it instills a great sense of importance and joy in the winner and two, it advertises the prize itself to others. When people see a lottery winner holding up a huge check reading 10 million dollars and a look of pure joy on the winner’s face, it encourages others to buy lottery tickets. Because of its showy nature, it’s also a great marketing tool.

Game Shows or Anything Showy

Speaking of winning money, it’s of course often used on game shows. Spin a wheel and get $100,000. Here, the big check is also for functionality purposes. Of course, you can’t actually have $100,000 of cash given to the winner, and you can’t just give a small check because the audience at home won’t be able to see that. So a nice giant check does the job quite nicely. It also makes it great for presentations, since it’s very showy and “extra” – it REALLY stands out.