Canvas is Better than Print

In with the old, out with the new… Have you been wanting to give your home, office, or business a unique look but don’t know what it’s missing? Print your photos onto canvas instead of inserting them into a plain old frame.

Are you in love with your family, wedding, or graduation photos, and just NEED to print them? Or maybe you’re looking to print a perfect picture for a special gift. What better way to print them than on a canvas!?

Why Should You Print Your Photos Onto Canvas?

Yes, they might be more expensive than an old-fashioned print that you frame, but the canvas is guaranteed to last a lot longer. Since canvas prints are simplistic and show off the beautiful photograph, they can be hung up just about anywhere!

All images work well on canvas, you can print a 12×12 or 36×36 and everything in between, so you never have to worry about not printing that perfect picture. The larger the canvas, the more attention it will draw. They are also glare-free, which is perfect because you can still show it off even with the sun or light shining against it.

Canvas has that “wow” factor! So, pictures on canvas can definitely pull a room together. You can even have the canvas framed if you would like. A float frame will give the canvas a more modern look, or if you are going for a more traditional feel, then you can go with a standard frame as well.

Don’t make the mistake of sticking with regular framed prints just because they are cheaper… Call us today to print your photos onto a canvas!