Even in today’s digital world, print marketing still continues to generate incredible results for marketing campaigns. It’s a tried-and-true method that helps build credibility with your brand. We’re happy to say that there are some print marketing materials the beat digital marketing time and time again. If you’d like to learn more about effective print marketing strategies, this blog is for you!

Why Is Print Marketing Important?

Print marketing taps into people’s “haptic memory” (their touch memory), which helps create an emotional connection. People have longer-lasting memories when they experience something through touch and vision. This is important in today’s digital age because customers get bombarded with online ads every day. After a while, they eventually learn to tune them out, which leaves a golden opportunity for print marketing. It’s a creative way to help your business stand out from the crowd and leave a great impression. Recipients spend more time interacting with physical ads, which helps them fully process the information and remember them longer.

Additionally, people are also much more likely to trust advertising when it’s in printed form! Around 82% of internet users trust printed ads, whereas only 43% of users trust social media ads. High-quality prints will help inspire confidence in your service or product and elevate you above your competition. Plus, you can always combine your digital and print strategies to create a highly effective marketing plan! So, let’s take a look at which print marketing materials beat digital marketing.


Mailers are an incredibly effective form of print marketing that allows you to target specific households, zip codes, neighborhoods, and demographics. If you’re opening up a local brick-and-mortar shop, sending mailers to the surrounding homes will instantly let everyone know about your business and is a great way to provide them with valuable information and even include a discount code to encourage them to stop by! You can use mailers to combine your digital and print marketing strategy by adding a QR code that sends recipients to your website, landing page, or social media accounts. 


Brochures allow you to provide more information and detail than a mailer while still being small and easily portable. They have endless customization options making them useful for any type of business or scenario. Plus, a brochure sends the subtle message that your business is reliable, professional, and quality-focused.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the printed marketing materials that won’t be going away any time soon (or possibly ever)! They’re irreplaceable and can’t be substituted for a digital form. You can try different sizes, colors, coatings, and materials to find the best business card for you.  

Welcome Packets

This print marketing method is a great way to welcome new customers or prospects to your business. You can cross-promote other services, present useful information, explain your products/services, and answer any question they may have, all in a convenient and easily accessible form. Pocket folders allow you to customize the packet to include educational material, business cards, branded pens, personal letters, or anything else you can think of! Welcome packets are a great way to close the deal and help convert prospects into customers.

Fotex Print Is Here to Help

It’s too easy for your digital campaign to get lost in today’s online clutter. If you want to stand out from the crowd, remember that there are forms of print marketing materials that beat digital marketing! One of the best parts of print marketing is that the materials can be kept, allowing the recipient to engage with it repeatedly. It’s a great way to build a long-lasting and meaningful connection with consumers. If you want to create a print marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level, we can help! If you need any assistance coming up with the images, text, or layout, our talented graphic designers can help create the perfect product for you. You can reach us by calling (858) 228-7697 or clicking here to get started with your order!