Now that we can see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, we’re getting ready to start networking in person again. A marketing tool you want to make sure you bring to all events is your business cards! No matter how digital and automated our world gets, business cards remain irreplaceable. Today we’ll help you decide how to choose the best business card for your brand.

While it may be tempting to stick to the traditional design, it won’t be easy to stand out. A custom business card will show others your creativity and set you apart from others. Get ready to make a strong first impression and some new connections!

Business Card Sizes

The standard business card dimensions are 2″ x 3.5″ and printed on 14 pt or 16 pt semi-gloss paper. This option is perfect for those who want standard business cards or need the most economical option. If you want to take the non-traditional route, we offer a couple of different sizes. A slim card (3.5″ x 1.75″), a square card (2.5″ x 2.5″), a vertical card (2″ x 3.5″), and folded business card (3.5″ x 4″).

Each card comes with its own unique benefits. For example, a square card may seem a little strange, but it has an advantage. When you hand someone a square card, their first reaction may not be to put it in their wallet because of the unique size. Instead, they’ll most likely put it in the front pockets of the pants, where it’s more easily accessible, and they’ll see it again when emptying out their pockets at the end of the day. They’ll likely remember your business card over the others stuffed away in their wallet out of sight. Additionally, both square and vertical cards will stand taller than the rest when placed in a cardholder.

Remember, if you’re wondering how you’ll design and organize your information on one of these distinctive business cards, we’re here to help! Our talented graphic design team will help bring your design to life. We’ll continue to perfect and iterate the layout until it’s exactly how you imagined.

Choose the Paper That Fits You

Changing the paper type of your business card means more than just changing the color. Your card can send the recipient a message about your business before they even read it. Let’s take a look at some of the different types!

  • Kraft business cards: These business cards are unbleached and made with natural fibers, leaving the paper with a natural light brown color. If you sell organic foods, work with environmental technology, or have an eco-friendly brand, this may be the choice for you! The 100% post-consumer natural fibers reflect the earth’s natural beauty, making it perfect for environmentally friendly companies. They’re thicker than traditional business cards and even allow for white ink! The white ink creates a beautiful contrast that isn’t achievable on other card types.
  • Linen business cards: Linen cards will make a great impression the minute the recipient touches them. They have raised, woven, cross-hatched textures that give the card a fabric-like appearance. You can create a colorful design that will pop out against the white linen paper. These are perfect for wedding dress boutiques, interior designers, seamstresses, and clothing apparel companies.
  • Pearl business cards: Do you want your brand to make a bold and elegant statement? Pearl business cards give off an incredibly luxurious effect. This sturdy 14 pt card will give a clean and professional look. Their metallic speckles will shimmer in the light and grab the recipient’s attention. If you run a boutique clothing store, high-end apparel and accessory business, or jewelry company, these are the cards for you!
  • Triple-layer business cards: The three previous card options are great for niche industries, but your business may not quite fit into those categories. If you still want an impressive business card, triple-layer cards are for you! These cards are the thickest and sturdiest option available, at 32pt thickness. The multicolored cards include three sheets of cardstock combined with adhesive. They’re uncoated, giving them a textured appearance while making them easy to write on. We can always add gloss or matte lamination if you want to give your cards a sophisticated look. If you want to take the elegance one step further, we can add a velvet soft-touch lamination as well.
  • Painted edge business cards: Like the previous option, these cards are incredibly durable and available in 32pt thickness. These cards are hand-painted with vibrant colors to give them a distinct and professional finish. Due to their bold edge color, they’ll stand out from the sea of business cards sitting in a cardholder.

Visit Fotex Print in San Diego

Now that you know the different options, you have all the tools to help stand out at your next networking or business event! We hope our blog about how to choose the best business card helped out. This timeless marketing tool will help keep your business at the forefront of others’ minds. If you need any help choosing the right card or creating the design, we’re more than happy to help! You can reach us by phone at (858) 228-7697, or order on our website by clicking here.