Business cards are the visual print representation of your brand or business. Giving out one of your business cards in any situation makes you looks professional and legitimate. So designing your business cards in way that best represents you best is very important. Along with the composition of your design and typography, choosing the type of finish between matte and glossy is questionable. How will you make up your mind on which coat is better?

Matte Coat

From business cards to automobiles and even nails, matte is becoming a popular finishing coat in this modern day and age. A matte finish gives your business cards a more polished and contemporary look.  If you are going for a more minimalistic look, matte might be the best option. And with the matte finish, you don’t have to worry about the glare that a glossy coat gives or leaving fingerprint marks on it. A matte coat is also easier to write on if you have to.

A couple of downsides to a matte finish are that they tend to last a bit less than glossy cards. They can also be a bit pricier for a high quality cardstock.

Gloss Coat

Gloss coat business cards are classic. If your business cards have a lot of color detail, then a glossy finish will help the colors pop out more. Gloss also adds an extra means of protection for your cards by making them less capable of tearing. If your business cards contain a head shot, the gloss finish will also add an extra boost in the color as well.

The possible downsides of gloss are that fingerprints are noticeable and the shininess can give off a glare making some details disappear. Also they can look a bit shabby if the design on the card is not the right fit for it. Make sure your design isn’t overpowering so your cards don’t end up looking unprofessional.

In the end, the choice is up to you and how you want your design to come out. Business cards should always represent your true self.

At Fotex Print, we have a variety of coating from matte, glossy, silk touch, or no coating at all. Contact us for any questions about your business card needs.

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