How Much Do Magnets Cost?

The price depends on the size of the magnet and the application. Custom printed magnets can serve multiple marketing purposes.

Magnetic Calendars

At the end of the year, the most popular application is custom magnetic calendars. They make great giveaways for the holidays and if a person decides to keep the calendar, your message and your contact information will likely stay with them for the entire year. It is important to create a design that will be attractive and appealing. It is also important to make sure that the magnets are strong enough to stick well and stay on the surface for a while.


This application is perfect for dance studios, gyms, dojos, schools and other places that have scheduled classes and events. If your schedule changes infrequently or if you want your students and parents to remember the important dates, create custom magnets that they will easily put on their refrigerators and refer to when needed.

Magnetic Notepads

Custom Magnetic notepads are perfect for creating shopping lists, writing notes, phone numbers and recipes. Your clients will appreciate having the custom magnetic notepad on their fridge. You are able to customize the notepads with your logo, your brand colors, and your contact information. So this is another great way to stay in front of your client’s eyes for a long time.

Custom Car Magnets

Not all businesses provide their employees with dedicated company cars. Your employees might not want their personal vehicles wrapped with your logo and company information. But what if your company is doing some work on a client’s house and would like the neighbors to see your contact information? Custom car magnets are the answer. The magnets are very strong and can withstand winds and the force of a moving vehicle. They can easily be removed and stored in a trunk when the vehicle is not being used for work. The best part is that they are not permanent and they won’t damage your car’s paint. You can easily and inexpensively print new car magnets if any of your information changes.

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