Greeting cards have been around since the early 14th century starting with the ancient Chinese as they exchanged letters of good fortune to jubilate the New Year. The early Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to transfer messages. By the 15th century Europeans began exchanging and selling handmade greeting cards to their loved ones. As the 18th century approached, greeting cards went from being expensive hand-delivered and handmade gifts to sought-after affordable way to communicate with each other.

Now in the 20th century, greeting cards still maintain their value as forms of expression between humanity. They have however transformed and upgraded in graphics, typography, templates, and other means of personalization. Although technology is a dominant part of our lives now, greeting cards have beaten all odds and are still part of a 7 billion dollar industry. But what does this 700 year tradition have to do with marketing you might ask? Here are some reasons why greeting cards are still a good source of increasing your sales.

Personal Connections

Greeting cards aren’t just for holidays or special events. Businesses are also using greeting cards as a form of engaging personally with clients and customers. Anyone can go ahead and send an E-card in less than 5 minutes, but taking the time to actually go into a print shop and even possibly designing your own cards (if you are a creative type) can actually make a difference. This personalized detailing increases the loyalty between you and your customers and it also shows that you care about them.

Increase Sales

Believe it or not invitation cards and greeting cards that are well designed and made of superior quality materials, increases your chance in boosting sales. This type of marketing is unique in the digital age and separates you from the competition. Customers recognize their value to you and makes them want to come back and do business with you. Cards do not only have to be for the holidays either, you can also use them as promotional offers or follow up invitations.


A good way of increasing your sales and welcome new and re-occurring customers is by expressing gratitude towards them. People like to feel appreciated, it’s in our nature. So why not appreciate your customers by saying thanks! It is ponderous to maintain relationships with your customers. They will feel special and welcomed by your company. Not only will your customers return, but they will refer you to their family, friends, and work colleagues.

So why not optimize and create alluring cards for your customers. They will remember you and refer you. At Fotex Print we can help you and your business customize cards for your valued clients.


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Written by Sandra Ramirez