Tips to retain customer attention using print marketing

There is no doubt that technology is advancing and getting more exciting.It has also paved a way for marketing to reach people through many platforms in social media and email marketing. Even though the hype in getting your message across these platforms is the new norm, it doesn’t guarantee that customers are always paying attention. Most of the time they could  just be scrolling mindlessly through each ad and forgetting what they saw.

Print media is becoming somewhat vintage and unique, so now is the time to set your business apart and send those print ads in the mail. And here are some tips on how you can achieve your customers retention.

Taking a break from social media

Although social media is fun, it can be addicting. Actually reading a magazine or newspaper can be a way of relaxing and not staring at a screen. More and more people are looking for a break from their screens and don’t mind having time to engage with printed materials.

Use brochures, flyers, and leaflets

A great way to get a hold of your customers through print is by using leaflets, flyers and brochures. These types of advertising methods have a lot of room to promote your business with some cool typography and striking graphics. And since more people are starting to appreciate recycling, your flyers or leaflets won’t be dismissed right away especially if you are offering coupons or any other kind of promotion. With brochures, you have the liberty of having more pages to describe extra information about your services to readers.

It’s appealing!

Although some people might think that print media is dead, it definitely is not the case. In fact since you see less print media, especially in the mail, it makes it much more alluring. People are starting to not get used to receiving print mail anymore and when they do it actually causes them to pay more attention to the notification in their hands.

With the wide array of marketing these days, it doesn’t mean that you should put print marketing aside. It is now more exciting as digital marketing and notable. It also makes your business stand out from the ocean of emails. Fotex Print has your back when it comes to getting your message out there in any type of print materials that you need helping you maintain the retention of your customers. 

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Written by Sandra Ramirez