Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor banners have been one of the ordered printed products. We often get questions about different banners we offer and the difference between types of vinyl. Here are the differences between outdoor vinyl banners.


One of the most popular material types is a 13 oz banner. This type of vinyl material is strong enough for the outdoor usage. We also add grommets on four corners, every one foot or every two feet. You can choose to add hems on all four sides, on two sides or no hems at all. These banners are very durable, economically priced banners that can be used as affordable colorful signage.


You cannot tell the difference just by looking at it, but the 16 oz vinyl banner is heavier and more solid. This type of material is actually recommended for outdoor usage, especially in the windy areas or if it is intended for a long-term usage. The banner quality is a lot stronger, more durable and will last a little bit more, especially in the elements. We also put grommets on it, approximately every two feet, on the corners and in the center. We also hem all the way around, on all four sides using heat welding. That gives the banner a lot more security, so when it is out in the elements, it will last a lot longer.


Another outdoor banner type is mesh banner. This type is very conducive and works well for outdoor usage in the situations when you need a light-weight solution that allows the airflow through. Since it the wind goes through freely, the banner works really well along the wire fence and between the poles. We also heat seal the hems on both sides on all four sides as well as install grommets. This is very useful when you have a very windy area, where you’re going to be placing your banner. It is also works very well for outdoor concerts if you want to have the sound go through the barrier. Since the mesh vinyl is perforated all the way throughout the mesh, it allows the sound to continue to go through.

All of the banner types above are great for outdoor usage. A 16 oz vinyl banner and a mesh banner would perform better if you’re using them for windy areas where the weather is a lot harsher on your banners. Even though these three banner types are recommended for outdoor usage, you can even use them inside if you want. Having the grommets and the hems allow you to place them wherever you need to with different applications of securing the banners to the intended areas.

We hope us explaining the differences between outdoor vinyl banners helped you. We know navigating printing terminology and selecting the right product can be challenging, so if you have questions do not hesitate to give us a call at (858) 228-7697.