This blog is for first-time buyers for custom flags. Here’s what to keep in mind when ordering a custom flag. The first thing you want to consider is if this flag is for indoor use or outdoor use. If you’re going to talk about indoor use, you’re usually talking about a flag with a pole sleeve. Indoor flags are typically for parade use, and they will often have the gold fringe.

Outdoor flags are going to be without fringe. You don’t want fringe on an outdoor flag, it would tear up pretty quickly, and you’ll have a canvas header and brass grommets top and bottom to connect to an outdoor flagpole mounted to your home or business or ground installed with the rope and pulley system.

Secondly, you’ll want to decide if you wish to purchase the typical single reverse flag or the double-sided. Single reverse means you will see everything on both sides of the flag, but the backside will be reversed as a mirrored image. Where double-sided is the same, it’s actually two flags made and then sewn back to back with the liner in between, so they will look and read correctly on both sides. We typically always recommend a single reverse for outdoor flags just because they’re not a billboard. You should not put a lot of text on because if this is flapping in the wind, you will have a hard time reading all this. Please keep it simple. That’s the key to flags.

For custom flags, the next thing you want to keep in mind when ordering a custom flag is the type of construction you want your bag to be. There are three basic types of flags: printed, applique, and embroidery. Digital print is more common. They always start with white fabric, and they digitally print the logo and the text. That’s just like your computer printer, except they use nylon instead of paper, and that’s the most common technique used.

Size is important. Consider the type and the size of the flagpole because that will dictate the size of the flag. The most common size for indoors and outdoors is three foot by five foot flat. You can order custom flags from 12 by 18 inches at the smallest for quantity one or more, and then up to 30 feet by 60 feet.

You also have to think about the shape of your flag and the quantity. You can order one flag in most configurations, but better prices are available if you order more than one.

Another thing you want to think about is art. Do you have an art file and or do you have an idea in your head? We do have a graphic artist on staff that can pretty much bring your idea to life. If you provide the art for the flag, we do prefer vector art. If the art is in vector format, we can take that art and increase the size, which does not pixelate or becomes fuzzy. You get a clean, sharp image on the result when using vector art. A high-res PDF is okay, Adobe Illustrator or EPS files, that’s what works best.