Technology has changed the way we do business. Over the years, we have seen a massive shift towards paperless solutions. While there’s no question that digital marketing is an amazing business tool, one thing remains just as relevant and essential, business cards. Business cards are an effective business tool here to stay. They go hand-in-hand with online marketing solutions, covering platforms outside the digital sphere. Our latest blog gives you the top 3 reasons you need a business card. Read along for details!

Make a Great First Impression

While online networking apps like LinkedIn are popular among business owners, nothing can fully replace networking with people in person. Regardless of when, where, or who you meet, it is crucial to be prepared for these interactions at all times. Part of this means being prepared and having a professional business card on hand. A business card includes everything people need to know about your business and details on how to contact you. It’s a tangible solution that stays with those you interact with long after you’re gone.

Effective Brand Identity Marketing Solution

A professional business card is a part of making a great first impression, among other things. It can tell people a lot about who you are and what your business is all about. A professional business card is brand identity marketing at its finest. Brand identity marketing is a collection of elements communicating your brand to your audience. Effective brand identity marketing includes a logo, prominent fonts, photos, and the use of color that allows people to distinguish your business from others. When you work with an experienced designer, you can be sure that they will include everything necessary on your business card that will help it stand out.

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Business Card

A Personal Touch that Allows for Meaningful Connections

The long-lasting ritual of exchanging business cards has been around since the 15th century, and for good reasons. Business Cards allow business owners to make great first impressions and serve as an effective brand identity marketing solution. Above all, business cards add a nice personal touch, making your business more personable, trustworthy, and genuine. Everyone can look at your business online, but nothing can match that hand-to-hand handoff during a business card exchange. With a business card, people are more likely to remember you and your business.

Custom Print Business Cards

Professional business cards are a must-have for every business owner. They make for positive first impressions, effective brand marketing, and help cultivate meaningful connections. Ready to make your very own custom set of business cards? Fotex Print is here to help! At Fotex Print, we have exceptional in-house graphic designers that can create top-of-the-line business card designs and high-quality printing services so you can have it all.