Print media publications have been in existence since the advent of the printing press, evolving in various forms over the years. However, with the rise in technological advances, experts in the industry have made bold predictions suggesting the end of physical print publications as we know it. Despite such bold statements, research suggest that print media isn’t going anywhere, at least not quiet anytime soon.

Print Media Will Give You the Results You Want

Did you know 80% of print ads distributed through direct mail are opened by recipients? In contrast, only 30% of email ads manage to capture attention. Additionally, retention rates online are only 15 seconds long, while readers of printed goods are more likely to read the advertisement all the way through. The impact of print marketing is undeniable. Astute marketers and business proprietors still heavily rely on print media marketing materials in addition with social and digital media. Together, they make for strong marketing collaterally, successfully delivering the results they seek.

A More Trusted Form of Media

Being the pioneer of advertising, print marketing has established a remarkable level of trust with consumers, and this trust endures even in comparison to most other advertising techniques.

Typically, individuals devote more time to perusing and engaging with print advertisements. In contrast, capturing someone’s attention on social media proves to be considerably more challenging, resulting in higher costs to achieve comparable outcomes as those attainable through print advertising.

Cost-effective Marketing Solution

Print marketing services offer a cost-effective alternative to digital advertising due to their inherent flexibility. In the realms of TV, radio, or digital marketing, expenses can frequently be prohibitive, and choices may be limited.

In contrast, with print marketing, you can consistently discover a campaign that aligns with your budget while still delivering substantial success for your business.

Printing Services in San Diego, CA.

Digital marketing is reshaping how business owners operate. Nonetheless, the significance of printed materials remains steadfast. Fotex Print, your local San Diego printing shop, excels in assisting business owners in crafting high-quality printed materials. We also offer design and layout services. Reach out to one of our team members today, share your requirements, and we’ll bring your vision to fruition. Whether you’re looking to promote an upcoming event or launch a new product, we’re at your service. Call us a (858) 228-7697 or click here to start our easy printing process.