Why Use Spot Gold?

Applying spot gold sleeking to business marketing materials make them stand out. People will pick your postcard up just to admire beautiful spot gold details and they will continue reading through the message. The most important goal of any marketing piece is to make an impression. The worst thing that can happen is that your potential customer won’t even notice your card while looking through the junk mail. Spot gold sleeking attracts attention. Spot gold letters look classy and make any marketing material look elegant and solid.

What Promotional Materials Can Spot Gold Sleeking Be Applied To?

We recommend using spot gold or silver details whenever your design is calling for that. It works very well for the business cards, postcards, invitations, thank you cards, holiday greetings, announcements and brochures. It is a perfect solution for any special occasion prints, such as graduation booklets, certificates, diplomas, presentation folders and awards.

Is Spot Gold Printing Expensive?

How much does it cost? Fotex has developed a very reasonably priced solution for the spot gold and silver sleeking. It is designed specifically for individuals and small business owners. It’s perfect for those people who traditionally will select a basic option for their printing needs. Now you can have a fully loaded printed piece for the price of the most economical option.

Go to fotexprint.com to order your spot gold sleeking materials today.