There are more ways to market your company today than there ever have been before. Have you been trying to brainstorm the best ways to advertise your business? At Fotex Print, we know precisely how booklet printing projects can benefit your business and why you should print hard copies to promote your brand.

What Are Booklet Printing Projects?

At Fotex Print, we provide many printing and marketing services for our customers to help advertise their business. As marketing tools have become more technologically advanced, outdated paper methods are used less and less. Booklet printing projects, however, target a specific audience and are tangible yet lightweight. Having light booklets makes them easy to carry around or hand out. They are a great marketing strategy when you’re trying to get information out to the public quickly. Usually, there are about 20-80 pages, which doesn’t overwhelm the reader and allows you to get your brand’s message across fully.

Creating a Booklet for Effective Advertising

Booklet projects can be the perfect advertising tool when done correctly. The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a booklet advertisement is figuring out the purpose of this booklet. Your company could be promoting a product, service, or even a special event. Once you figure out the message your company wants to send out, it becomes relatively easy to fill the pages with the correct content. However, you must also keep in mind how much text should take up a page and where you should insert images. Make a great first impression when advertising your company and reach out to our Fotex Print team to create the perfect booklet to market your business.

Why Choose Booklet Printing Projects Over Digital Advertising?

Although new and modern marketing tools might seem like the way to market your business, you should also consider traditional hard-copy advertising methods, like booklet printing. Booklet printing projects can benefit your business in many different ways that digital advertising can’t. For example, when customers are handed a booklet from a company, this can feel more personal and authentic to the customer. These booklets are also tangible and hand-held, letting customers absorb the information without other online and technological distractions. Some people can install ad-blockers on their phones or computers, defeating the whole purpose of advertising your business. If you’re looking to expand your branding by trying new marketing techniques for your company, Fotex Print can quickly help you with all of your advertising and printing needs.

How Fotex Print Can Help Your Business

Using all advertising outlets, both digitally and non-digitally, is the best way to make people aware of your business or brand. That’s why using booklet printing as a marketing tool is a great way to expand your customer base. At Fotex Print, we offer many different binding options for the booklets, allowing you to create a booklet design that best fits your company and your customers. You can reach us by calling (858) 228-7697 or clicking here to get started with your order!