Have you ever used direct mail as a marketing tool for your business? Direct mail is hot again. Here’s how to use it! Our Fotex Print team can assist you with coming up with an effective marketing strategy that includes a primary target audience for direct mail marketing. Witness how direct mail marketing can expand your company and make your brand name more well-known within your community.

Direct Mail Can Be More Effective

Direct mail, in some ways, can be more effective than other marketing techniques. According to the U.S. Postal Service, this is because as many as 55 percent of people are eager to read their mail. Addressing them by name can only enhance the experience and, ultimately, prompt some to buy a company’s products

Direct Mail Stands Out

You can easily customize your direct mail so that it stands out to your customers. Add your logo and an eye-catching design so that customers immediately know what your company and products or services are. When you style your direct mail correctly, it will effectively stand out to your target audience and other potential customers.

Direct Mail is More Shareable

Direct mail can be more shareable, especially within your local community, which can help to make your business more well-known. Not to mention it is sent to your existing home, so it can’t get lost in your mailbox as it could in your online email inbox.

Start With Existing Customers

When creating a direct mailing list, you should start with your existing and top customers who regularly purchase your products or use your services. If the direct mail is relevant to the recipient, they will put it on the top of their mail or open it immediately if it involves something they’ve already purchased or are interested in.

Target Your Mailings

One significant advantage of direct-mail advertising is that it is highly targeted. A business can purchase mailing lists of potential customers through a mailing list distributor. For example, a small store owner can order lists of people who buy specific products that they sell in their market. The store owner can then prepare a direct mail marketing campaign to get these customers to shop at their store.

Make Worthwhile Offers for Customers

When sending direct mail to your target audience, you’ll want to make worthwhile offers for your customers. For example, a glossy postcard or catalog with a special offer can immediately catch a person’s eye. Make it worth the customer’s while, not just a few dollars off. Let our Fotex Print help you design your next direct mail campaign today!

How Fotex Print Can Help You!

Direct mail is hot again. Here’s how to use it! Expand your business and boost brand awareness with customized direct mail marketing by Fotex Print. If you think implementing direct mail into your marketing strategy is right for your business, reach out to our Fotex Print team, who can assist you with any marketing techniques. You can reach us by calling (858) 228-7697 or clicking here to get started with your order!