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Fotex Print offers beautiful printed materials for all your marketing needs. In this blog we’ll look into different aspects of online printing. We’ll give you recommendations on how to achieve the best printing results and avoid mistakes that sometimes cost time and money. Read on and you will sound professional every time you send your materials to print.

How to Choose the Best Business Card

By |2021-03-02T13:39:08-08:00March 2nd, 2021|Printing Blog|

Now that we can see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, we're getting ready to start networking in person again. A marketing tool you want to make sure you bring to all events is your business cards! No matter how digital and automated our world gets, business cards remain irreplaceable. Today we'll help you decide how to choose the best business card for your brand.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Amazing Brochure

By |2021-01-27T08:46:18-08:00January 27th, 2021|Printing Blog|

Marketing has been quite a challenge for all types of companies these days. With the digital age being at its largest, many companies are opting for solely digital marketing approaches. However, the most successful companies have a combination of both online and offline marketing strategies. This blog will go over 5 reasons why your business needs an amazing brochure.

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Top 5 Questions About Custom Postcard Printing

By |2020-12-29T09:43:46-08:00December 29th, 2020|Printing Blog|

Custom postcards are excellent promotional marketing tools that work for every industry. Unlike other forms of direct marketing mail, postcards almost always get read. That is why it is important that you take the creation stages of the print product into consideration. This blog will go over the top 5 questions about custom postcard printing.

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Custom Birthday Yard Signs

By |2020-11-25T16:59:08-08:00November 25th, 2020|Printing Blog|

Surprise the birthday boy/girl with a custom birthday sign! Social distancing doesn’t allow for people to celebrate birthdays with big parties or reunions. But that doesn’t mean that birthdays should be gloomy! A custom birthday yard sign is the best gift for birthdays! That is why we are offering large-scale custom birthday signs! All our birthday packages come with “Happy Birthday” letters and allow you to put in the specific name of the birthday person.

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What Are The Standard Dimensions of a Postcard?

By |2020-10-26T16:42:58-07:00October 26th, 2020|Printing Blog|

Postcards are great marketing tools that allow businesses to reach a large number of prospective customers at a low cost. If you’re thinking about printing postcards to promote your business, you may want to know what are the standard dimensions of a postcard.

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