Here, at Fotex Print we understand that business card designs do vary depending on your job or type of company. Today we will look at what is needed for a BLOGGER’S BUSINESS CARD.  If you have your own ideas, bring them to us, if not, we have a large variety of ideas for you to look through to let us know what do you like and don’t like so we can design a business card for you.


  1. Your logo: People are visual so you want your business card to match your blog. Chances are, if someone has come across your blog before, they are likely to remember the design and colors.  If your business cards have the same design and colors they will make the connection.
  2. Your full name: Most likely you are more recognized by your blog name, but you still have to have your name on your card or your “internet name”. But if you are going to do business with someone, and you are exchanging cards face to face, you will want them to know you by your human name.
  3. Your photo: Blogging can be very ambiguous because people don’t see your face. However, when meeting potential partners, or fellow bloggers in person, you want them to remember who it was that had that award winning personality right?  Think of it as connecting the dots.  They have been to your site, now they see the same logo on the card, and now they know what a cool person you are in person and have a little note in the form of your photo to connect that awesome person to the blog!  We recommend to have the same photo you have on your blog (as long as that is what you really look like in person.)
  4. 4. Email. This is critical. If you make a connection with someone, you are going to want them to follow up with you. Email is the best way to do that.  So have it on there!
  5. Your Blog’s URL: It seems a little redundant to have your URL when you already have your logo, but not everyone has a blog name that matches their URL.
  6. Your Social Media Links: Chances are the person you hand your card to is going to want to follow your blog in some way.  Make it easy for them to find you on the web.  A great way to go about this, to save space, have social media buttons from your blog with your blog name.  This will also added color and style to your cards.

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