A promotional wall calendar is ideal for keeping your business front and center for your clients. Even with modern technology, printed calendars still hold a prominent place on the walls of homes and offices. Custom wall calendars can now be printed with any photograph, caption, company name, logo, slogan, and contact information. Custom printed wall calendars are great promotional giveaways, advertising specialties, and marketing gifts. Some popular formats among businesses are a single large sheet with every month or multiple pages bound into a quarterly or monthly configuration. This article will discuss the 9 benefits of promoting your business with a custom wall calendar.

1. Increases Brand Awareness 

A custom-printed calendar helps promote the qualities and image of your brand. Your calendar can use dynamic photos of your employees, products, and services to present your brand identity creatively and uniquely to your clients. The colorful photos on your calendar provide a clear yet subtle way to communicate the benefits of your brand without using a lot of words. Each photo only needs to be accompanied by a single phrase or catchy tagline. And most calendar designs can incorporate your company’s name, logo, and contact information onto every page, so it is always on display.

2. Creates a Connection

It’s no secret that people prefer to do business with companies they know and like. Giving a free gift, like a custom calendar, to a prospective client can lead to developing a positive connection. Similarly, providing a gift to a current client that they can use further enhances your existing relationship. Creating rapport with clients encourages brand loyalty by making them feel good about doing business with you. This connection also increases the likelihood that clients will refer you to others, contributing to the long-term success of your business.

3. Practical and Useful

Most people use a calendar daily. Almost everybody has at least one wall calendar they refer to regularly. A custom printed calendar is not only an effective tool for promotion and brand awareness, but it also serves a very practical and useful purpose for the recipient. Even with your company name, logo, and contact information on it, your calendar will be viewed as a valuable gift rather than blatant advertising.

4. Provides Constant Exposure

When an item is useful, it is more likely to be kept and used. Once a wall calendar is hung up, it will most likely stay on the wall for the remainder of the year. Your business’ name and marketing message will be seen every time the calendar is seen. Your business and brand gain exposure when anyone sees the calendar on the wall. Not many marketing strategies offer such lasting impact for so little investment.

5. Tangible

A wall calendar may be low-tech, but it’s also always readily available to promote your offerings and influence purchase decisions. Considering that a printed calendar exists in physical form, the recipient will most likely place your promotional message in a visible place. Your message won’t disappear after a couple of minutes, like an online ad, radio spot, or TV commercial. The physicality of a printed calendar also means that it doesn’t need an electronic device to view it, unlike a digital calendar where you a cell phone app or computer program to view it.

6. Creates Interests and Business

Even though a calendar seems like a simple gift, giving something to a current or prospective client leaves a favorable impression. Leaving a positive impression increases the chances that they will like you, remember you, and do business with you. There’s a good chance that those who receive your calendars will hang them in an office or cubicle, where buying decisions are made. Therefore, the gift of a calendar can be a positive start toward building an ongoing business relationship.

7. Inexpensive

Custom printed calendars have value yet are very economical to produce. Compared to mass advertising through the Internet, billboards, radio, and TV, you won’t waste any money on your messages reaching the wrong audience. You have total control over who will receive a copy of your promotional calendar, so you can tailor the marketing message to the needs and interests of your desired audience. Your custom calendars provide targeted brand exposure for minimal expense, making them one of the most cost-effective promotional items you can buy.

8. Extremely Simple

Nothing is more straightforward than a printed calendar. Everybody knows how to and can use one. The simplicity of the printed calendar makes it very easy to store, distribute, send in the mail, and display. Plus, your marketing message and contact information are always nicely displayed.

 9. A Variety of Design Options

You can print a custom calendar with virtually any image, message, theme, color, layout, or size. The paper stock used can be coated or uncoated, glossy or matte. Several binding styles are also offered for multi-page wall calendars. Saddle-stitch binding places staples through the fold line, spiral binding uses a flexible plastic coil, and wire-o binding uses double-loops of metal wire. All three methods allow the calendar to hang flat against the wall.

First Calendar Up, Wins!

You will want to get your calendar creation process started as early in the year as possible. The first calendar on the wall stays on the wall, so if your business is going to distribute a calendar, you want to be the first to do so at the end of the year. Leave ample time to produce the photos and artwork you will use, and get your printer involved from the beginning to ensure the process goes smoothly. These 9 benefits of promoting your business with a custom wall calendar will have you printing up calendars every year!

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